The gentrification Mappler indicates that heavy “new” loft development, built after 2001 and up for “sale,” occurs mostly from Wythe Avenue to the East River (east to west) and from Grand Avenue up to North 7th Street (south to north).  “Old” housing, structures built before the 2001 housing surge, remain evenly dispersed throughout the neighborhood and are usually up for “rent.”

The public art Mappler indicates a heavy concentration and movement of graffiti and street art style works (usually stencil or wheat pastes) from east of Bedford Avenue towards Roebling Street, Meeker Avenue, and eventually spilling over into the Bushwick neighborhood.  As the historical analysis indicates, as rezoning practices emerged in Williamsburg and rents increased, many artists and musicians have migrated to nearby neighborhoods with cheaper rent – like Bushwick.  Many of the public art, graffiti specifically,  were found  plastered or spray painted on old, decrepit, and abandoned warehouses on the outer fringes of Williamsburg – close to the Bushwick border.