On-sight field survey data was collected in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY by Rebecca Davoudian.  The process entailed:

  • Exploring the Williamsburg neighborhood (March – May 2011)
  • Creating a general boundary for study (North – McCarren Park, East – Meeker Ave., South – Williamsburg Bridge, West – East River)
  • Identifying the locations of public art within the boundary
  • Taking pictures of the public art
  • Recording variable data for each public art piece and location

Off-site field survey data was compiled, entered, and processed by Rebecca Davoudian.  The process entailed:

  • Manual data entry of selected public art points onto Mappler site (data used from on-sight research)
  • Inputting point data information (i.e. name, category, artist, date, address, neighborhood, description/history, funded by, and images)
  • Researching additional information on public art projects and history of public art in Williamsburg




Real estate property values and information were compiled, entered, and processed by Rebecca Davoudian.  The process entailed:

  • Searching rental and sale listings on Zillow within the public art map boundary
  • Entering various variable and latitude/longitude data found on Zillow and GoogleMaps for each listing into an Excel spreadsheet and creating categories for each variable (i.e. address, latitude, longitude, new or old, 2001 listing price, 2008 listing price, percent change in value, year the property was built, developer information, square footage, lot size, number of bedrooms, and number of baths).
  • Categorizing each property as either “new” or “old”(new properties included any structures built after 2001)
  • If properties were categorized as old, and if 2001-2008 property pricing data was available, the percent change in property value was calculated
  • The Excel spreadsheet was uploaded onto the Brooklyn Gentrification Mappler site to visibly illustrate the changing face of property structures and prices