May 282010

What: 2010 South Orange & Maplewood Artists Studio Tour
Where: South Orange, NJ and Maplewood, NJ
When: Sunday, June 6, 2010 from 11-5 PM
Website: 2010 South Orange & Maplewood Artists Studio Tour website

With 60 artists displaying their artworks in both towns, finding a particular artist may be difficult. This map displays all the artists and their locations with extra features such as photos of the artists’ works and links to their personal websites. Additionally, this map is also accessible by using your iPhone or Android cell phones!

May 252010

*Above is an interactive map of Lambertville, NJ that displays various art galleries throughout the town.

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Organizations can use this site to share their artwork and events. This technology also allows these businesses to easily update their information to share with the public. Organizations can easily share event information such as the type, location, time, and photos all visualized on one map.

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